Wednesday, December 1, 2010

quizzes, they really never end, do they?

I started my annual Christmas letter today; well, I started draft 2 today. And I was going to mention something about the kind of flower that represents us and then put an online quiz for readers to try. So, I go online and google: What flower am I quiz. You can find anything online :)

I take the first one and am enjoying myself during each question. I love answering the questions, like what would you do on your day off? what word best describes you? it's fun and introspective. then, I pressed submit. The flower that best represents me is... a snapdragon! ugh. I don't like snapdragons. Not what I wanted so I go and try the next quiz.

I enjoy the 2nd quiz too actually. I submit my answers to this one. This time, I am a... CARNATION. double ugh. The description was very fun, but if you know anything about flowers, you know carnations can live out of water for days and in water for weeks and therefore considered the cheapest flower at a flower shop. They don't have great representations. Carnations in a flower shop are the hohos in a dessert shop.

Of course what do I do? I go back and take another quiz, in search of a good result. I take the 3rd, glad it is a quick one because I am anxious to get to the end. I submit my answers, and I am a lily. Now, this may be good for some, but I am notorious for not like lilies. Yes, the daylilies smell nice, but they are called daylilies because they only last a DAY. And lilies in general are the most masculine looking plant out there. Once again, I am definitely not happy about the result. Of all of the flowers out there, can't I get ONE that I like?!

4th quiz. 4th attempt. And believe me, I will take quizzes or at least go back and change my answers to be a different person until I am a flower I like.

Finally, this quiz told me I was a sunflower. After the 90s and wearing my sunflower dress from express with my matching sunflower hat a little too much, i took a decade and a half break from sunflowers. But just this year I became obsessed with sunflowers. If I made an arrangement this summer, it most likely had sunflowers with a black gingham bow on the tie.

Thank you brainfall website for giving me the sunflower: You are a Sunflower. You are spirited and vivacious. Willing to do anything to help others be happy, and ask nothing in return. You always see the bright side of any situation and are the life of the party. It is impossible to feel down when you are around.

Try out the website. Good luck on getting the flower you want, but you also may not be as opinionated on flowers as I am.

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